Providing Proper Window and Door Installation.

When building a new home or renovating an existing one, proper window and door installation is extremely important. Purchasing the most expensive windows and doors on the market may seem like a good way to increase home value and save on energy costs but poorly installed products may end up costing you additional time and money. Improper installation may result in loss of energy savings, water infiltration, and products that are hard to operate. Window and door replacement and installation should be left to professional installers. Installations can be complicated to the average homeowner. Also, many manufacturers’ warranties don’t cover installation, and if they do, you must use the approved and recommended installation method. All Pro Window & Door provides proper window and door installation services to ensure customer satisfaction. When you're happy so are we! Did you know that national statistics prove year after year that, when properly installed, windows will perform up to specifications for longer than the warranted life of the window itself. Excessive condensation, air leaks, heat loss and out-of-square windows are the result of faulty installation - not faulty manufacture. Unfortunately, these problems won't usually show up until months after the installation. And worse, they are not covered by the manufacturer's window warranty. That's why All Pro Window & Door stands behind their installation. Our certified installers are trained on best practices and installation techniques based on industry standards for both new construction and replacement projects. Hiring a certified window and door installer can save you both time and money, as well as give you the peace of mind that the installation was done properly.
  • Tested and accepted installation techniques
  • Proper material selection, including the correct use of sealant and flashing
  • Job site safety
  • Protection of the homeowner’s property
  • Quality control
  • Product care, adjustment, cleaning, etc.